Highlights of EPAM University Programs in Poland


The challenges of recent years have accelerated the development and implementation of new approaches to EPAM educational programs. The company's educational service has reached global consumers, embracing a cross-country and practice-oriented approach among local teams. Those transformations have impacted worldwide activities, allowing us to share best practices across multiple locations and implement innovations to shape the engineering community of the future. Let us delve deeper into an impressive evolution of educational programs at EPAM Poland.


EPAM Poland was one of the first locations in Central and Eastern Europe to adopt a cross-country educational model and successfully combined it with the new format of online studies. EPAM experts from Poland and Ukraine have been working together on the first-of-its-kind Junior Java Online Program since the beginning of 2020. The training was intended to assist talented novices in their first steps in IT and break the Catch-22 of «no job – no experience; no experience – no job» by providing them with hands-on experience on «training» projects. Successful program graduates were given the opportunity to further their studies at the EPAM Java Academy.

Only one year later, in 2021, EPAM University Programs expanded significantly in Poland, providing 8 different training programs for talented candidates — students, graduates, switchers, and all those aspiring to step into the fascinating IT industry. An intensive year has resulted in impressive numbers: with 1,263 registrants, we enrolled 349 trainees for Java, DevOps, Automation Testing, and Linux paths. More than 60 successful graduates were offered Junior positions on EPAM Poland team.

Cross-country collaboration that demonstrated such efficiency was bound to succeed. Currently, students of educational programs at EPAM Poland have the opportunity to gain practical project experience from experts in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, and other European countries.

The year 2022 set new ambitious goals, and EPAM University team has been working hard for them to be met: we constantly elaborate educational formats, adopt the best practices from various countries of EPAM University's presence, develop and organize educational events intended for introducing IT education to those who seek professional growth. One of our newest initiatives — EPAM University Internship Program for university students and graduates — has been introduced recently. Over 1,000 candidates have already applied for the internship, and the best will boost their Big Data skills under the supervision of experienced mentors – practicing engineers at EPAM.

As per the beginning of 2022, we've already got some significant milestones reached! More than 40 graduates have joined EPAM as junior engineers in the past five months — even more are coming soon ;)

Those motivated novices who are ready to enter the IT industry should no longer wait for the beginning of the new academic year: EPAM Poland offers various ongoing self-paced trainings all-year-round. The competency scope of our educational programs currently includes highly demanded specializations, such as Java, Test Automation, .NET, DevOps, Data&Analytics, and Big Data together with some unique narrow-specialized competencies such as Salesforce and SAP.

Oleksii Dyshlevyi, head of EPAM educational programs, Central and Eastern Europe: “The key to success in the rapidly changing reality is agility, readiness to accept challenges, scaling cross-location collaboration within the company, and sharing experience to achieve prominent results. We are combining the best practices of several countries to elevate our educational programs and we can see some impressive results within a short space of time.”