Our teams of technologists, strategists and designers for more than 28 years deliver powerful digital experiences and introduce IT. Working with world-leading companies, we’ve played a part in developing many of the products you love and use every day. 

We encourage our current and future employees to grow and actively invest in the education of young professionals and provide special support to those who are just starting their careers. Would you like to level up your skills and become a top-level Data Analytics Engineering, Data Quality Engineer and BI Analyst?

Data & Analyst direction is not just about collecting data but it is a scope of technologies and tools for data processing, data warehousing, and visualizing information for timely managerial decision-making purposes.


During the free training, you will learn how to transform data into high-quality information that profits businesses and learn how to create data products.

We will allow you to acquire and expand your knowledge in 4 main fields:

  • Development of DataBases, Data Warehouses, ETL process, Cloud
  • Reporting and Visualization
  • Data Quality
  • Business Analysis in Data

More detailed in the articles: #BUSINESSINTELLIGENCE and #DATAENGINEERING

The course consists of two parts – self-study and traineeship in the laboratory.

The final stage will be a technical interview to get a job offer to EPAM Poland.


What should you do after applying?

  1. Take an English test on your profile. First, we will contact candidates who have an English proficiency test score of B2 or higher
  2. Pass a preliminary telephone interview with a recruiter
  3. Pass a technical pre-screening interview (upon successful pre-interview)
  4. Expect the results


Time schedule:

  1. Registration end day (extended): 09.02.2022
  2. Program Start Day: by 1.03.2022

Please be aware that training is available only for residents of Poland.

Considering the limited number of slots for this training, the order of application and the assessment results will be decisive factors in being enrolled. 

Do you have questions? Contact us
Do you have questions? Contact us
Data Analytics Engineering

is working with large-scale data: data collecting, storing, processing, checking, visualization, building a system that allows customers to analyze business-critical parameters and KPIs.