Do you want to learn more about Java Engineering and try yourself in this direction? Then we invite you to a free Java Development Program in the self-study format! Take your first steps in the profession at a pace convenient for you, at a time convenient for you, and from anywhere in the world!


The self-paced format involves mastering the course program on the EPAM Learn platform. The course consists of learning materials, homework, and tests for knowledge control. All participants joining the program will receive the most topical educational materials in Java development and an opportunity to write their first Java application.

Java Development Program is an educational course designed for those who wish to:

➤ learn Java but don't know where to start;

➤ refresh, structure, and deepen their knowledge of Java.

To participate in the course, it is preferable to have an initial level of engineering knowledge and a desire to develop your skills and abilities in the field of Java programming.


  • Start of the program: participants will get access to the platform ( immediately after registration.
  • Format: independent study of materials, homework with automated check, tests.
  • Schedule: flexible - participants can study at any pace and at any time. 
  • Language: educational content is available in English.
  • Audience: participants of any age who have access to the Internet, time, and desire to master the Java profession.
  • Cost: free at all stages for all participants.
  • Location: Poland.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive in-depth knowledge of Java, which can be used for further growth in the Java direction.

Should you have any questions – please contact us via mail. Please state your letter's Subject as Java Self-Paced Program Poland 2023.

Do you have questions? Contact us
Do you have questions? Contact us

Java is one of the top three most popular programming languages and is used for developing enterprise-level applications.