For more than 30 years, our teams of consultants, designers, architects, and engineers have created cutting-edge digital experiences that have transformed IT. Many of the items you love and use every day were developed by our team in collaboration with world-leading companies. 

EPAM believes in investing in people. We have been extending our knowledge across the globe for more than 20 years through a variety of educational initiatives that benefit people who are just starting their careers.


Prestigious world media have long made data a trend and declared it new petrol. Just as petrol, data is useless in a raw state. First, you should convert petrol into fuel, which is still quite useless by itself. Second, you need an engine to get energy from the fuel. Your data product is the engine.

Data Analytics Engineering (DAE) is the technology and tools for collecting, processing, and visualizing information, as well as organizing data warehouses. DAE experts help businesses analyze key metrics and make data-driven decisions.   

Want to learn more about Data power and our Data Practice? Read this article and watch our recent YouTube stream and dive deep into this thriving field. 


During our course, you will learn how to create data products and transform data into high-quality information for businesses.

You will have a chance to acquire and expand your knowledge in four major areas

  • Data Quality (validating data and data transformation at every stage of the project)
  • Data Integration (developing and supporting a wide range of data transformations and migrations)
  • Data Visualization (building interactive and complex data visualizations and analysis tools)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis (using a variety of analytics tools to analyze data and determine business performance)

The program is devided into two stages:

The first one is a three-months training program that takes about 12 hours of work per week. At routine Q&A meetings, you will examine self-study materials, complete assigned tasks, and exchange questions with EPAM mentors.

If you show good results at the first stage, we will invite you to continue your studies and practice the skills acquired during the intensive stage at Data Lab (it normally lasts for three months). There you will discover how to organize information, build visualization, check data quality and get acquainted with cloud technologies.  


Upon the program’s completion, if all the materials have been studied, homework completed and the final project successfully defended, you will receive feedback and be invited to a technical interview in the production.   


  • Registration end date: 27 January 2023
  • Actual training start date: 20 February 2023. Training's Start Date may change. The selection period will change accordingly.
  • Total program duration: 14 weeks
  • Format: online 
Do you have questions? Contact us
Do you have questions? Contact us