Java: materials for self-study. Part 2
4 Feb 2020

If you have become a Java enthusiast for serious and some basic materials are not enough for you, fill your Java-cup to the brim by following appropriate pages in social networks. It allows you not only to be aware of the latest news from the Java-world but also to become a part of the Java-community.


  • – a twitter page of Mark Reinhold, a Chief Architect in Java Platform Group, Oracle.
  • – a twitter page of Brian Goetz, a Java Language Architect at Oracle.
  • – a twitter page of Martin Fowler, an author of books and articles about software architecture, object-oriented analysis and development.
  • – a twitter page of Joshua Bloch, a programming engineer and writer, ex-Sun Microsystems and Google employee.
  • – a twitter page of JCP (Java Community Process).
  • – a twitter page of VirtualJUG (vJUG), one of the biggest Java-communities in the world.
  • – a twitter page of OpenJDK, a project to create a fully compatible Java Development Kit, which contains only a freely available source code.


  • Java – official Java channel.
  • Jeeconf – videos from the JEEConf conferences.

Now you have enough materials to study Java yourself! But if you want to master this programming language with support from experienced Java developers involved into production, discover the free Java educational courses at EPAM.