SAP: self-study materials
9 Dec 2020

SAP specialist is a rare profession that requires a wide range of technical knowledge together with soft skills. For a long time, self-study was hard to achieve because the SAP company rarely published information about its products. Today, everyone can easily find useful materials that will help them better understand ABAP, HANA and even install trial versions of systems on their computers to get the first experience. We have collected all the available information about SAP products and systems, SAP community, forums where developers and consultants exchange experience and help each other solve tasks.

Websites and blogs

SAP official portal 

This portal is worth visiting to read a little more about the SAP brand and stay aware of the latest news and upcoming events. 

SAP help portal 

Here you will find all the reference information about SAP products, community, and trainings. If you have already started coding and want to study the SAP ABAP documentation, we recommend checking out this manual. In the SAP Developer Center section, you can learn how to work with trial versions of SAP products. 

SAP blog 

SAP blog provides you with all the latest information, opinions, arguments of experienced specialists, and detailed analysis of working cases. 

Communities and forums

Telegram channel SAP TECH TALKS 

In this channel you will find community of SAP professionals who aim to grow professionally. Driven by EPAM specialists, the channel offers a place for discussions of the news in the field of IT and SAP. You are invited to join!


SAP literature is written mostly in English. You will have to improve your vocabulary and language skills to be able to study materials on SAP. The most popular selection of books for beginners in English is available here.


SAP often organizes seminars and courses for those who want to learn more about its products and technologies. More recently, it became possible to install a demo version of SAP on your PC and try to deploy it, explore, and even start coding.

Online courses by SAP 

Visiting these courses, you will find innovative trainings from SAP experts. The course consists of videos that you can watch anywhere and anytime. Also, in the Podcasts section, you will find a large selection of podcasts on topics from the SAP ecosystem to success stories of SAP employees and work cases. 


The video tutorial will help you learn a new generation ERP system in the cloud. The training will take only a few hours. The course is divided into eight units with tests for self-control. 


You can get acquainted with the test ABAP system in the cloud. This is not the classic ABAP that we learn in courses, but a new technology that has not yet been released into production.

Online tutorial library on YoutTube

On this YouTube channel, you will find tutorials for any level of complexity starting from beginner. Learn everything from the creation of an E-commerce site to integration of an On-Premises system with an SAP Cloud platform in an ABAP environment.