EPAM stands with Ukraine. Two months of working and helping the country at war
18 May 2022

Despite the upheavals and challenges posed by the war, the EPAM team continues to strengthen Ukrainian engineering culture and help the country recover from the devastating economic blows. Every day we work on solutions for our clients, develop new educational programs and plan for the future at an unprecedentedly trying time. But all this pales in comparison to the difficulties faced by Ukrainians, who had to leave their homes and venture into the unknown. One of the main tasks of EPAM today is to provide these people with maximum assistance.

Humanitarian aid

From the beginning, EPAM focused on cooperation with trustworthy funds that provide humanitarian aid: medicine and medical equipment, protective equipment, food, hygiene products, etc. The company donated more than 21 million hryvnias to the Red Cross of Ukraine, Leleka, Razom, Krona Foundation, and Group 35.

We have financially supported local communities in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi, and other regions, to address the urgent needs of internally displaced persons. Together with the Lviv cluster, we coordinated efforts to supply humanitarian aid to Kharkiv residents.

EPAM provided financial assistance to the Halychyna Rehabilitation Center to purchase food for people evacuated from the war zone.

As a significant part of our efforts, we financially backed technical equipment of the Blood Centers that store and transport donated blood in the regions and throughout the country.

International support

EPAM is an international company; from the first days of the war, we have received help from our colleagues and clients from more than 40 countries. EPAM European offices have become a haven for Ukrainian specialists for a while. Through the efforts of foreign experts, clients, and friends of the company, almost $ 400,000 was raised to address pressing humanitarian issues.

With the help of the company representatives abroad, we purchased and delivered three ambulances that are already transporting the wounded, as well as medical equipment and medicine. In April, we launched EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund to support charitable organizations that offer help in the regions where it is most needed.

EPAM USA has already delivered more than 3,000 pounds of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including over 160 first aid kits, medicine, and essentials.

Every day more than 400 volunteers at EPAM Poland helped Ukrainian specialists who found refuge abroad. Also, thanks to our Polish colleagues, Starlink internet systems arrived in Ukraine.

Economic assistance

A working economy is one of the most crucial components of victory. That’s why, by continuing to provide services to our customers, we help the country. The IT industry ranks first in services export with $ 6.8 billion per year, which constitutes 4% of GDP. Running businesses can pay taxes in advance: EPAM has paid 50 million hryvnias in advance in the first quarter and plans to do the same in the second quarter.

The help from IT specialists

Our colleagues, at all levels, are doing everything they can to help. In the recent charity campaign EPAM Stands with Ukraine, our team raised more than 1.2 million hryvnias, and the company has undertaken to double the amount. Funds will be directed to Ukrainian humanitarian aid funds (Caritas Ukraine, Razom, and Group35).

Many of our IT specialists help the country not only economically. Some of them have joined the ranks of the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while others have become volunteers helping the army and refugees, bringing food, medicine, and essentials to warzones. We are incredibly proud of them!

 Educational assistance

Since the outbreak of the war, we have been supplying hundreds of units of equipment to those in need: evacuated educational institutions, territorial administrations, medical facilities, and others. We help higher education institutions with resources. For example, we have helped over 20 educational partners from the Eastern and Southern Ukraine retain critical infrastructure. Our AWS experts have transferred university data to a safe cloud environment to help resume the learning process in the future.

We are gradually resuming EPAM University educational programs. Recently, we have successfully completed the pre-war pre-Junior program for high school students. Forty students who became its graduates were able to get acquainted with cloud services, programming languages, ​​and the basics of Front-End development.

We take great pride in the unique IT Fundamentals for Ukrainian Switchers program for all Ukrainians who want to make the first steps towards an IT career together with EPAM. We have created about 120 hours of video lessons that can help Ukrainians gain basic knowledge and skills to master the modern technical profession. The number of registrations for the program has exceeded 17,000. Now participants are undergoing the first stage of training; after that, they will have an opportunity to take a test and continue training in one of 6 directions: Java, .NET, Test Automation, Cloud & DevOps, Front-End, and Business Analysis.

For university students unable to go on with their studies due to the war, our team initiated a three-week IT Marathon. The aim of the marathon was to help students gain practical knowledge in programming. On its creation worked 17 of our trainers. The number of students wishing to participate exceeded 800.