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Problem-solving passion leads to career success in Test Automation
17 Jun

From humble beginnings to professional excellence, Khusniddin Nusurmatov, Junior Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Uzbekistan, shares his journey to inspire anyone looking to start a tech career.  

What was your journey leading up to your IT profession? 

My passion for IT and mathematics sparked during my school days. Participating in the national Olympiads and learning languages like Pascal, HTML, tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access further fueled my interest. Recognizing the importance of English, I also began learning this language alongside my technical pursuits. I briefly studied e-commerce, but it wasn't my true calling, leading me to drop out in my second year. To support myself financially, I took on part-time English and math tutoring.   

Why did you decide to steer your career towards Test Automation? 

Test Automation appealed to me because I have a deep passion for problem-solving and coding. I enjoy pondering over challenges while engaging in everyday activities like eating or walking, and the thrill of writing code daily invigorates me. Additionally, Test Automation is not limited to testing but also involves development, exposing me to new technologies and challenges each day. Continuous learning ensures that I am never bored and always growing in my role. 

How did you discover EPAM's training programs?  

I found out about EPAM's courses through recommendations from friends who were already taking them. I was looking for available courses in Uzbekistan and came across options like .NET Development and Automated Testing. Initially, I tried the .NET course but faced challenges with C#, which steered me towards Automated Testing in .NET instead. To prepare for this, I started self-learning C# after unsuccessful attempts in the .NET Development course. In addition, I had previous experience studying C++ at the university and had also learned C and Python at the Najot Ta'lim Educational Center. 

Which skills did you gain during the Automated Testing in .NET program? 

During the training, I learned technical skills that I still use in my current project. This includes frameworks like Selenium, as well as C# and CI/CD tools. I also became proficient in finding the right locators for web elements and utilizing Teams for collaboration. These skills have enabled me to write and run automated tests, debug issues efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with my mentor. 

What was the most awesome part about your learning adventure?  

The most awesome part of this program was the combination of practical hands-on experience, real-world application and the potential job offer. It provided inspiration and motivation for future career development. Additionally, the mentor's support, guidance and the acquisition of practical frameworks, tools and testing skills made the training truly valuable and enjoyable. 

Which soft skills may help a beginner to start a career in Test Automation?  

Effective communication is key to success in QA Automation, enabling clear and concise interaction with team members, clients and stakeholders. Being a team player is also vital, as it encourages collaboration and cooperation with fellow testers and developers while fostering knowledge sharing. Additionally, adaptability is crucial as it allows one to quickly learn new technologies, frameworks and adapt to changing requirements in the field. 

What resources do you recommend for learning Test Automation?   

Apart from the EPAM Campus programs, I recommend exploring these resources:  

What is the top-3 advice you would give for beginners in the field? 

First and foremost, dedicate time to thoroughly learn about testing and test automation. Next, create a plan and follow a roadmap to progressively develop your skills and knowledge. Finally, focus on developing soft skills, as they are as important as technical ones.  

If Khusniddin's story has inspired you, and you are eager to follow in his footsteps, enroll in our Automated Testing program to start your own journey.