Data Analytics Engineering
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Program start
November 2023
31 week

If you are interested in creating data products and exploring the power of data to turn raw information into valuable insights for business growth, then this training program is what you need. 

By participating, you will have an opportunity to acquire/expand your knowledge in four major areas:  

  • Data Quality (data validation and transformation at every stage of the project)  
  • Data Integration (development and support of a wide range of data transformations and migrations)  
  • Data Visualization (creation of interactive and complex data visualizations and analysis tools)  
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis (utilization of various analytics tools to analyze data and determine business performance)  
Data Analytics Engineering
Data Analytics Engineering is about turning raw data into valuable business insights. It includes data collecting, storing, processing, validation and visualization.
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Training process

The program consists of two stages: 

  • The first one lasts 3 months and requires ~12 hours of weekly engagement. You will explore self-study materials, complete assigned tasks and discuss your questions with our mentors at regular Q&A sessions. 
  • If you show good results and successfully pass a technical interview, we will invite you to the next stage. It usually lasts 3.5 months and requires ~30 hours of weekly engagement. You will learn how to build a data warehouse, organize information, create dashboards using one of the visualization tools, check data quality and get acquainted with cloud technologies.  

Upon program completion, you will be able to continue your career path according to demonstrated skills and available opportunities at EPAM. 

What is required for training:
  • Basic knowledge of Relational Database Management System (DBMS) theory 
  • Understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) 
  • English proficiency level from Upper-Intermediate (B2) and higher 

Nice to have:

  • Degree from a technical university or other educational institution with a technical specialization
  • Experience in banking and technical spheres
  • Basic knowledge of Python
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page. Once you fill in all the required fields and attach the CV, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab. 
  2. Specify your interest in our program in the block "Additional information" in your profile. Please indicate the reasons for choosing this training and your expectations about it.
  3. Take an English proficiency test available in your profile. You should complete it within 5 days after your registration and reach the B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level result to proceed.
  4. Start preparation for a technical interview. We encourage you to explore these materials, paying particular attention to SQL and databases theory and practical courses.
  5. Communicate with a recruiter by phone. We will contact you within 1-3 weeks after you pass the English test to ask some general questions and schedule a technical interview if you meet the set requirements.
  6. Pass an online technical interview. You will engage in a 1.5-hour conversation with our production specialist and showcase your current data knowledge.
  7. Start studying the preparatory part of the training. Regardless of the selection process, you may delve into technical introduction courses by following the link in the post-registration email.
  8. Receive an invitation to the program. We will inform you of the enrollment results and share further instructions for your learning journey during 1-2 weeks after the technical interview if you are admitted.

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications.

What will you learn?

Stage 1: 3-month journey

DB Basics

  • Data. Database. DBMS 
  • DB Components 
  • DB Modeling 
  • Normalization 

SQL Fundamentals

  • SELECT Statement 
  • DML Statements (Data Manipulation Language) 
  • TCL Statements (Transaction Control Language) 
  • DDL Statements (Data Definition Language) 
  • DCL Statements (Data Control Language) 

SQL for Analysis

  • Introduction to OLAP. OLAP vs OLTP 
  • Window Functions / Frames

Technical Interview

Stage 2: 3.5-month journey

  • Python 
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing and ETL 
  • PostgreSQL DB for Data Warehouse and ETL 
  • DWH/ETL live project presentation (practice and theory)
  • AWS 
  • Power BI 
  • Data Quality  

Technical Interview

Upon program completion, a world of opportunities awaits you! You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue your career path in alignment with your demonstrated expertise and available opportunities at EPAM. 

Please read this info before registration
  • This training is for citizens of Kyrgyzstan and specialists relocated to this country for a permanent stay.
  • Only those who have completed their university studies or are in their final year can apply for this training process.
  • The program start date may change, so the selection period may be adjusted accordingly. Please regularly check for updates on this page and via email.
  • This external course is not available for current participants of EPAM Training Center and EPAM employees. Feel free to contact your Training Coordinator or Resource Manager regarding other opportunities.
  • Considering the limited number of places in the group for this program, the selection results will be decisive factors for being enrolled.
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Data Analytics Engineering
November 2023 · 31 week
Training · Online
Registration closed

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