Business Analysis
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If you're keen on advancing your skills in Business Analysis, one of the sought-after directions in the industry, our expert-guided program can help you on your journey to new achievements. 

During this six-month journey, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Establish a robust theoretical grounding in Business Analysis 
  • Acquire the proficiencies necessary to identify business needs and gather product requirements 
  • Develop the essential competencies utilized in the day-to-day responsibilities of Business Analysts  
  • Apply your newfound expertise to real-world business scenarios through a hands-on capstone project

After successfully completing the program, you will be well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to confidently begin your journey working on a wide range of IT projects.

Business Analysis
Business Analysis combines exploring customer's requirements, structuring information, extracting key project points and communicating them to a development team.
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What do we offer?
  • Individual mentor. Every week, you'll participate in group and one-on-one meetings with your mentor to address questions and receive feedback on homework. The EPAM expert will ensure a thorough understanding of the course material. 
  • Real projects. Gain practical experience through real projects and applied learning, preparing you for technical interviews and helping you build a toolkit to excel in the fast-paced world of technology. 
  • Accessible content. We make complex things simple. We boil sophisticated concepts into digestible, bite-sized content without sacrificing quality and learning experience. 
  • Career services. We will provide you with all the implied tools to prepare for your dream job, from resume creation to mock technical interviews, ensuring you are ready for real-life interview situations. 
What is required for training:
  • English level from Upper-Intermediate (B2) and higher
  • Analytical thinking and good communication skills
  • General understanding of the IT industry

Nice to have:

  • Fundamental graduation and/or significant practice experience in biology, chemistry or related applied areas
  • Practical experience in one or several following areas: Clinical trials, IoMD, Pharmaceutical, Drug discovery/development, Genomics, Bioinformatics, etc.
  • Working experience in a research/analytical/production laboratory
  • Competency in using laboratory information systems (LIMS, LIS, ELN, CDS, SDMS, etc.) 
  • Familiarity with HIPAA, ISO, ICH, EMA, FDA standards.
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page till December 10. Once you fill in all the required fields, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab.  
  2. Take an English proficiency test available in your profile. You should complete it within 3 days after your registration and reach the B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level or higher result to proceed. 
  3. Pass the assessment. It will take approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Communicate with a recruiter by phone. We will contact you within 1-3 weeks after you pass all tests to ask some general questions and guide you on the next steps. 
  5. Pass an online technical interview. You will engage in a 1.5-hour conversation with our specialist to showcase your current field mastery. 
What will you learn?

Our training program embraces two stages, offering an enriching learning experience.

Stage 1. Duration – 2-3 months. It involves self-study, homework, Q&A sessions, and workshops with trainers. During this stage, you will:

  • Cover project fundamentals, IT project delivery, project roles and responsibilities and the typical tasks of a business analyst
  • Gain insights into identifying stakeholders and effective collaboration for project success
  • Learn modeling and prototyping, with a focus on creating various types of requirement documentation, especially user stories
  • Acquire an understanding of high-level system architecture and an IT-specific glossary to navigate the IT context more effectively

Stage 2. Duration – 2-3 months. In this phase, you will collaborate with trainers who will act as stakeholders, presenting specific scenarios for you to grasp their needs.

You will receive hands-on experience centered around engaging with stakeholders, addressing their issues and requirements and creating business analyst documentation. Your tasks will involve communicating with stakeholders, analyzing requirements, validating them and crafting the relevant business analyst documentation.

Upon completing the entire program, you will undergo a concluding technical interview, after which you can pursue your career path aligned with your demonstrated skills and the available opportunities within EPAM.

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Business Analysis
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