DevOps is a philosophy and culture of software development. DevOps specialists are among the most demanded in the international IT market. And the demand for them continues to grow. DevOps engineers accompany the product at all stages of the life cycle, automate and accelerate development processes, increasing its efficiency and safety. 

Do you have good experience with DevOps methodology? Ready to start your career? Show us your level of expertise and get ready to start with the Pre-Production stage!


We train those with whom we want to work in the future.

30+ hours per week intensive work is waiting for you in the Academy under the guidance of experienced mentors, lecturers as well as self-study and home tasks. During the Academy, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our company. Within 3 months program participants will get the chance to pass the production interview and join EPAM DevOps team. Education period shall depend on the level of your knowledge and may last from one to a couple of months. What is unique, is that you will be hired and paid from the very beginning of the training period!


  • Registration end date: 30th August 2022
  • Program start date: 19th September 2022
  • Program duration: 3 months
  • Format: Online, 5 times per week, full time
  • Salary: accepted participants will be paid during the training period

In case of any questions – feel free to contact us.

Do you have questions? Contact us
Do you have questions? Contact us

DevOps is at the intersection of providing stable flow of product development, management of dynamic Cloud solutions and development acceleration.