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Data Science

Data Science is one of the most trending technologies at the intersection of mathematics, programming and business. YouTube video recommendations, machine translation, news aggregators, spam detection, and self-driving cars are examples of areas where Data Science has become a part of our everyday lives.

It has great potential to unveil hidden patterns, foster innovation and shape the trajectory of industries, contributing to a future where data-driven insights are essential for progress.

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What tasks do Data Science engineers have? 

Data Scientists are modern-day explorers of information, navigating the complex landscape of data to unveil hidden patterns, predict future trends and empower businesses with informed decision-making. Their scope of work includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Collecting data from various sources
  • Identifying patterns and trends that could impact analysis
  • Selecting appropriate machine learning algorithms and models for the task
  • Training, validating, and fine-tuning models using relevant techniques
  • Building predictive models to forecast future trends and outcomes
  • Applying time series analysis for temporal data predictions
  • Creating models for categorizing data into different classes or clusters
  • Analyzing and processing textual data
  • Creating clear and meaningful visualizations

Choose Data Science if you: 

  • Possess a strong command of mathematics, including fundamentals of mathematical analysis, statistics, linear algebra and the basics of probability theory 
  • Understand Structured Query Language (SQL) and are familiar with Python 
  • Know English good enough for reading tech documentation and communicating on tech and non-tech topics

What will you learn? 

We focus on providing motivated novices with the essential skillset for the powerful start in IT. Our graduates gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience required to step straight into working on real-life projects.  

Our Data Science training programs are designed to provide you with a solid foundation in this direction. You will immerse yourself in practical explorations of machine learning algorithms using Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Gensim, NLTK and more. The journey will encompass essential data science principles and guide you through setting up and configuring a Python environment. As you progress, you will delve into data exploration, constructing regression models and tackling classification challenges, all while gaining insights into text processing.   

At more advanced training stages, you will master unsupervised algorithms for tasks like clustering and outlier detection, advance your skills in regression techniques and explore time-series analysis. 


Useful Data Science materials  

Explore articles from our blog to learn more about Data Science, explore the benefits of starting your career in the fascinating world of data and receive self-study materials to enhance your skills: 

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