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Five reasons to pay attention to Data Science
5 May 2021

In the age of digital transformation, data is a powerful business engine. However, it is not enough to have gigabytes of information at your disposal to create a significant competitive advantage. You must correctly process and analyze this data. That is why work with data and the direction of Data Science are so popular nowadays. 

Five reasons why you should pay attention to Data Science 

  1. Working with data is the alpha and omega of any modern business, from retail and automotive to banking and gaming. YouTube video recommendations, machine translation, news aggregation, medical diagnostics, spam detection—Data Science has already become a part of everyone’s life, even if we do not realize it. 
  2. Specialists capable of transforming scattered data into valuable insights for business are as good as gold, and there is a severe shortage of such specialists nowadays. 
  3. Data Science engineers develop self-driving cars and automatic credit rating systems for borrowers, teach artificial intelligence to play chess with humans and recommend what else to add to your shopping cart on eBay or LaModa. The future today is about them. 
  4. Anyone who has studied mathematics sooner or later wonders whether integrals and logarithms find application in real life. Data Science makes it possible to use this knowledge in practice. 
  5. The Data Science direction is developing rapidly and, if you are interested in it now, believe me, tomorrow it will be even more enjoyable! 

Bonus: Harvard Business Review named Data Science the sexiest profession of the 21st century. We are sure you should take their word for it. 

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