ЕРАМ is helping Ukrainian universities to preserve critically important infrastructure
29 Mar 2022

Since the beginning of the war, the specialists of the leading company of the IT industry in Ukraine have helped more than 20 higher educational institutions. They have moved their remote learning servers and other critical infrastructure to cloud storage. EPAM experts together with partners from Amazon Web Services have already helped universities in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro and other cities. We are ready to provide support to other institutions in areas of active fighting.

For more than ten years, EPAM has been investing in the development of technical education and has concluded cooperation agreements with more than 30 higher educational institutions throughout Ukraine. Realizing that in some universities servers and backup copies of critical information are actually located in the buildings, the specialists from the education sphere in the company decided to act.

“We see how devastating are the blows that educational institutions are currently suffering from in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, and others. That is why we contacted the universities in the eastern, central, southern and other regions and offered help,” — said Denys Hryniov, EPAM’s head of educational programs in Ukraine. “Currently, thanks to the efforts of EPAM specialists and our partners from Amazon Web Services, the critical infrastructure of 22 universities is preserved in parallel in the AWS cloud storage. Even if the buildings or server rooms of these institutions are damaged or de-energized due to the hostilities, students will be able to continue their distance learning without interruption. Despite the war, future professionals must be able to learn.”

The initiative brought together more than 20 systems engineers, managers and other experts from the EPAM Kharkiv office and Amazon Web Services. They are all safe and have the ability to do what they do best. Specialists have already helped KhNURE, NAU “KHAI”, NTU “KhPI”, National Pharmaceutical University, Karazin KhNU, Semen Kuznets KhNEU, Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Zaporizhzhia National University, Dnipro Polytechnical University and others.

“EPAM specialists contact the system administrators of universities and find out the details of the task. Requests are different: some are fairly basic, others are quite complex. The fighting gets heavily in the way: sometimes university representatives do not have access to the Internet or can’t get to work due to shelling,” said Ivan Tkachenko, project manager at EPAM Ukraine. — “When necessary, the most experienced EPAM specialists help to optimize the infrastructure of universities in terms of technology and use of funds. Amazon Web Services experts are also always in touch with us. They provide a budget for cloud storage and can advise in case of complex requests. We appreciate the contribution of EPAM partners, because this is one of the ways how they are supporting Ukraine.”

Experts are cooperating not only with specialized institutions that have contracts with EPAM, but also with those who need help in setting up the distance learning process. Priority is given to the universities in areas of active combat. After the migration, the virtual infrastructure of universities will be available from anywhere in the world.

The representatives of the Ukrainian universities can send an application for assistance to [email protected].