Education without borders: EPAM University has reached Latin America
17 Sep 2022

EPAM is expanding its educational initiatives to Latin America. While being run for a couple of years in Mexico already, several educational programs for future software engineers have been launched in Colombia this summer. The Dominican Republic is the next promising direction, and many more are on track.

Latin America is fast emerging as one of the world’s most exciting tech hubs and locations for flourishing tech talents. The region is set to experience a 7.7% growth in the IT industry during 2021. In the past year, Argentina and Mexico had the largest increase in growth with 10.4% and 10%, respectively.

One of the top priorities of the state policy of Colombia is education development. About 40% of the city’s budget is invested in education in Medellin only. The presence of international IT and software development companies boosts the demand for highly skilled engineers prompting the country to prioritize STEM education.

Every year, approximately 30,000 engineers graduate from educational institutions across Colombia, with a market capacity slightly exceeding 60,000. However, a degree in software engineering in Colombia takes 5 to 7 years to complete, and there is an evident shortage of faster, tech-related educational programs and degrees throughout the country, from both public and private universities. This is an opportunity for EPAM University Programs to step in and close the gap by providing short-term, practice-focused educational programs.

As a part of education strategy for the region in 2022 we are close to launching education from the ground up to make the process viable and sustainable. We plan to offer a batch of introductory courses as well as more advanced lab track, including various fast tracks, — Uladzimir Zviartouski, Head of Educational Programs in Latin America.

Nina Skazobova, Head of EPAM Educational Programs in Colombia, adds: «EPAM is well-known for the wide range of educational initiatives which are run in collaboration with universities across the globe. This year, we want to ensure that our well-established programs and educational know-how are available in Colombia. We aim to provide talented beginners with an opportunity to gain essential knowledge and hands-on experience to give successful motivated candidates a chance to start their careers at EPAM. In the long run, we hope to raise awareness about the limitless opportunities that EPAM provides to software engineering professionals.»

An interest in the IT industry in Latin America is quite high. Students are drawn in by a promising career path and an opportunity to learn and grow in a high-skilled job. EPAM’s educational programs contain a project education component with real-life examples: this combination of theory and hands-on experience under the guidance of practicing mentors is quite a unique proposal for the region, which will perfectly address current country needs.

You can already discover the opportunities provided by EPAM University in Latin America and register for the upcoming programs!