Hard skills
Why should you choose .NET for automation?
11 Nov 2022

Every IT professional working in automation or exploring this path should eventually choose a technology stack to master. In this article, we will take a closer look at .NET and tell you what features this platform offers. 


The .NET platform is used by a multitude of modern sites and applications, including such well-known ones as Stack Overflow, Intel, and Unity in video game development. Also, .NET is the leader in banking and healthcare. In addition, the demand for .NET professionals in EPAM has been growing consistently in 2022. 


The platform's popularity has led to the creation of an extensive engineering community and ensured frequent upgrades and support for several languages, including the most widespread C#. Thorough and expert documentation will guide you through developing your first automated test to writing your own test framework. 

High level  

The high-level nature of all .NET platform languages is a significant factor contributing to the ease of learning. There are no complex assembler constructs here; everything is simple and intuitive. Another advantage of this platform is the ease of transition to the new version. 


Since .NET is developed by Microsoft, it is compatible with many of its products, including Azure Cloud. 


.NET allows you to build automated tests for any application type, including mobile apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows, enterprise server apps that operate on Windows Server, Linux, and macOS, and large-scale microservices hosted in the Cloud. 


.NET encompasses modern and ever-evolving language constructs: Generic Templates, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), asynchronous programming, extensive libraries, APIs, multilingual support, and many more. All this is at your service to make your ideas come true. 

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