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Five reasons why Data is worth trying: insights from shaping career as a Data Analytics Engineer stream
3 Feb 2023

The second video of our new stream series is out! At our “Shaping Careers” streams, novice techies get knowledge & insights about a particular tech area from EPAM specialists, sharing their expertise and giving advice to beginners. Missed our previous stream? Check out the video about a QA profession.

This time, Data was the topic of interest: Eduardas Kauklys and Artsem Varyvoda, experienced Data specialists at EPAM, revealed the disciplines existing in Data, busted common myths about the profession, shared basic skills beginners should have and uncovered five reasons why Data is worth trying while choosing a career:  

  • Data specialists are in demand  

Data professionals are in charge of collecting, analyzing, and transforming data from various business domains (Aviation, IT-Enabled Services, Healthcare, Telecom etc.). It helps businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and make more profit. Many companies strive to employ Data Engineers, as they give insights into the customers and come up with the best ideas for improvement right at the time.  

  • Data will never get you bored  

Working with Data means constantly investigating, learning and developing along with the Data tools & technologies. Everyday Data Engineers figure out how to manage & extract the data and how to convert it into meaningful information. Moreover, these specialists spend a lot of time communicating with others on business and technical questions. All these responsibilities require continuous learning and a lot of willingness to find non-typical solutions to meet clients’ expectations.  

  • Data direction is full of opportunities  

The awesome thing about Data is that it offers a wide range of areas where you can apply your knowledge and start your career journey (or switch between them). For example, you can land a job in Data Quality, Data Visualization, Data Integration, and the list goes on and on. 

  • Data offers plenty of working options & tools  

While working with Data, you are not limited to some certain skillset, tool, or technology. Why is it beneficial for you as a specialist? Firstly, it will always be a plus for your professional development and growth, as you will be learning continuously. SQL or Python, Data Warehouse or Data lake this job will always be exciting, as Data will not give you direct answers to your questions: you will need to find and implement non-standard solutions.  

  • Data career is suitable almost for everyone  

Many people working in Data are career changers, switched from other IT or non-IT related areas, which means this sphere is flexible for anyone motivated to learn and gain new experience. To enter this thrilling area, you need to be fluent in English and have basic knowledge of SQL programming language.  

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