From novice to a SAP development pro: building a strong foundation with essential resources
19 Dec 2023

Responsible for developing, designing and maintaining SAP-based enterprise software, SAP developers play a key role in helping businesses optimize their operations. Interested in pursuing this career path? Check out our compilation of resources to get started:  

  • SAP Community Network (SCN). A collaborative platform where SAP professionals, including developers, can connect, share knowledge and seek advice. It features forums, blogs and expert-led discussions specifically catering to engineers. It's an excellent resource for beginners to ask questions, learn from experienced developers and stay updated on the latest SAP development trends. 
  • SAP Developer Center. An official SAP website that provides a wealth of resources for developers. It offers documentation, tutorials, sample code, tools and SDKs (Software Development Kits) for various SAP technologies, such as SAP Cloud Platform, SAPUI5, ABAP and more. It's a valuable hub for beginners to access technical resources and guidance on SAP development.  
  • SAP Press Books for Developers. The books are specifically designed for SAP developers and cover topics like ABAP programming, SAP Fiori, SAP HANA development and more. They provide in-depth explanations, code samples and best practices to help beginners enhance their development skills and understanding of SAP technologies.  
  • SAP Community and SAP Developers blogs. The resources dedicated to SAP development are authored by experts and experienced developers. Both of them offer insights, tutorials, tips and real-world examples on various development topics.  
  • SAP Developers and SAP HANA Academy. The YouTube channels provide video content covering a wide range of development topics, including hands-on coding examples, best practices and demonstrations of SAP development tools. 
  • GitHub SAP Samples. The organization on GitHub hosts a collection of open-source projects, code samples and libraries related to SAP technologies. Exploring these repositories can provide beginners with practical examples, reference implementations and inspiration for their own development projects.  

Take advantage of the available resources to learn from experienced developers, access technical resources and actively engage with the community. If you are ready to start your SAP career path, register for our training programs. Best of luck to you on your SAP development journey!