Front-end Development (Tech Orda Voucher)
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Nov 2022
25 weeks

Study alongside best EPAM practitioners with FREE voucher award provided by Tech Orda Program! To get into the program, you have to go through a competitive selection process.

By participating in our Front-end program, you will gain the skills necessary to build and develop a variety of websites and applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the React library.


  • Learn how to use GitLab throughout each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle methodology
  • Understand HTML essentials, CSS basics, TypeScript and React
  • Gain you practical experience in building modern JavaScript applications
  • Create a working web application as a capstone project to showcase in your portfolio


  • Real Projects. You will not only study, but learn how to perform. You will gain real project experience and prepare for a technical interview for your dream job
  • Accessible Content. We make complex things simple. We boil sophisticated concepts into digestible, bite-sized content without sacrificing quality and learning experience
  • Hands-on Learning. You will not only study how to learn, but learn how to do. You will assemble a toolkit that will help you become a best-in-class creator, capable of keeping up with the fast pace of technology
  • Career Services. You will receive all the tools to prepare for your dream job: from resume preparation to mocking technical interview to get ready for real interviews
JavaScript is one of the most popular cross-platform programming languages that allows working with web interfaces (front-end side), server side and mobile clients.
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How to get started?
  1. Register on this page
  2. Specify your interest in Front-end in the Additional information block of your profile (including reasons for choosing this training course)
  3. Take an English Test by November 6 (available in your profile)
  4. Pass a preparatory course by November 30 with the result of 70% and above (if your English level is B1 or higher, and you meet other requirements, we will send you the link to the course by November 7)
  5. Pass an interview with the recruiter by December 9
  6. Start learning on December 15
What will you learn?

Introduction to Computer Science

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of how computers work and how that relates to modern web technology. You will understand the main principles of algorithm design and how basic computer science concepts are used in IT.

Intro to Web Development

This course provides information on the core technologies, tools setup and technological aspects that you need to start with as a Front-end Engineer or web developer. You will learn GitLab, a web-based tool designed to help developers collaborate more effectively throughout each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle methodology.


You will learn HTML essentials and CSS basics. You will get familiar with CSS layouts, float, flexbox and grid, and learn the differences between each. You will create responsive mark-ups and a mobile-friendly layout.

JavaScript Basics

You will learn all about the basics of the Java Script: variables, data types, operators, controls and loops. You will gain the ability to handle asynchronous programming in JavaScript. Finally, you will set up your JavaScript project and manage its dependencies using npm from Node.js.

JavaScript Advanced

You will learn how to work with modern JavaScript events models and design patterns as well as how to apply them. The course will navigate you through several projects to give you practical experience in building modern JavaScript applications. The significant part of our course covers "clean code practices" diving you into the Test-Driven-Development approach.


This course provides the basics of coding in TypeScript. You will get the understanding of what TypeScript is and how it works. The materials of this course cover fundamental building blocks of TypeScript such as types, interfaces, classes, generics, modules and decorators. You will explore how to write more predictable, maintainable and reusable code using TypeScript.


Through practical complex tasks, learning materials and Q&A sessions with a mentor, this course gradually helps you to build an understanding of React, from core principles like JSX, components, props, state, lifecycle, handling events and conditional rendering data types to advanced topics including reconciliation, higher-order components and server-side rendering.

Capstone Project for your Portfolio

After you’ve completed six courses of learning, it’s time for the main challenge! For your project, you will build a résumé (CV) developer application. You’ll solidify your proficiency in React infrastructure, JavaScript Core, HTML and CSS. Upon completing this project, you will have a working web application to showcase in your portfolio.

UpSkill Career Services

You have the option to attend career services webinars to help you create a resume and obtain job search techniques. Our team will connect you with resources to successfully land your first job in your new career. Take advantage of 1:1 career advisory sessions to ask any questions and gain support!

Front-end Development (Tech Orda Voucher)
Nov 2022 · 25 weeks
Training · Online · Beginner
Registration closed
600000 KZT
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