Introduction to Java
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Self-study · Online
Self-study · Online · Basic

Do you want to learn more about Java Engineering and try yourself in this direction? Then, choose this training and take your first steps in the profession. We will navigate you through the fundamentals of programming and cover all the essential concepts you need to get started in Java development. Mastering the course's topics will empower you to write your first Java application. 

The program consists of 2 stages: 'Introduction to Java' and 'Deep dive into Java Technology Stack'.

The first stage adopts a self-learning format with assigned tasks, covering fundamental topics that establish a strong foundation for future studies. Upon completion of this stage, you become eligible to take an assessment, and successful candidates will proceed to the next stage.

In the second stage, our focus is on deepening your understanding of the Java technology stack. Our team of experts will provide continuous support, responding to your queries in our chat and conducting regular Q&A sessions.

The entire program's duration is approximately 4 months depending on your level and previous experience. To make the most of it, a commitment of 8 to 12 hours per week is required.

Upon training completion, you will pass the final assessment and be able to continue your education path on the next stages according to demonstrated skills.

What is required for training:
  • Proficiency in English at the B1 (Intermediate) level or higher.
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms or other programming languages is an advantage.
  • Understanding of OOP principles is an advantage.
What will you learn?
  • Basics of Java programming
  • Collections
  • Input/Output
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • Develop console applications
  • Unit testing and mocking
  • Build tools, data formats
  • Applying design patterns
  • Relational databases
How to get started?
  1. Click the "Register" button on this page, create your profile and fill in all the required information.
  2. After registration, you'll receive an email containing a link to the self-study materials (check Spam and Promotions folders).
  3. You can take an optional English test to assess your language proficiency (available in your profile). For a successful career path, we recommend aiming for at least a B1 level. 
  4. Start the course on the EPAM Learn portal, pass assignments during your studies and do your best.

Java is a popular programming language used to create enterprise-level solutions. It is easy to adapt, scale and use for app development for a wide range of platforms.
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Recommended books:

  • Thinking in Java by Bruce Ekkel
  • Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals by Cay S. Horstmann
  • Effective Java Third Edition by Joshua Bloch

Boost your language skills:

Please, read this additional information prior to registration
  1. Program timeline and conditions may change. Please follow the program details.
  2. Acting participants of ЕРАМ University and EPAM Systems company employees are not allowed to register for the Program. Please contact your Manager regarding the positions available.
  3. This program is available only for people located in Poland.
  4. EPAM Systems does not cover any costs associated with obtaining visas and work permits for candidates, who are required by law to obtain such visas and permits.
  5. Considering the limited number of program slots on a second stage, the assessment results will play a decisive role in the enrollment process.
Introduction to Java
Self-study · Online · Basic

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