DevOps: self-study materials
27 Sep 2022

DevOps is a philosophy and culture of software development. DevOps specialists are among the most demanded in the international IT market. And the demand for them continues to grow. DevOps engineers accompany the product at all stages of the life cycle, automate and accelerate development processes, increasing its efficiency and safety. 

In this article, we will share useful self-study materials for you to acquire and expand your knowledge of DevOps. Before registering for our training programs, take the time to explore them 😊

⚙️ Basics of programming:

⚙️ Networks:

⚙️ Linux:

⚙️ Active Directory Domain Services:

⚙️ Python:

⚙️ Gitflow:

⚙️ Various basic notions:

⚙️ Docker:

⚙️ Books:

We hope these resources will help you choose the right direction for your future profession and take your first steps in DevOps!