Data & Analytics: self-study materials
21 Apr 2022

A famous quote says, "who owns the information, owns the world." Facebook, Google and other giant companies collect, store, process, and analyze colossal amounts of data every day. The specialists who handle big data Data Engineers need to have an extraordinary analytical mind and the ability to find patterns in order to become successful in this area.

We have collected a broad array of materials that will be useful at the beginning of your educational journey.

Data & Analytics Overview

Discover the world of Data with these resources:


Start your Data & Analytics journey with these free courses created by EPAM experts:

Databases and SQL

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free is a popular and expert-recommended educational resource for programming. Simple exercises will quickly give you an understanding of SQL for data handling:

We also recommend SQLBolt and PostgreSQL Exercises for interactive practice.

Python Fundamentals

Python Institute is a community of Python developers that offers free courses divided into 7 difficulty levels. After completing the basic course, check out Data Analysis Essentials with Python.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehousing for Dummies by Thomas C. Hammergren is an excellent guide for beginners. It covers everything you need to know about data storage, from basics to the cool recent features, without drowning you in technical jargon. With real-world examples and a friendly style, this book will be your best helper in learning about databases.
  • The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit by Ralph Kimball is an indispensable resource for data professionals. It offers practical techniques for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) in data warehousing projects. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, the book covers industry-tested methodologies and best practices essential for successful ETL implementations.

Data Visualization

Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few is your friend and advisor for creating impressive data visualizations. Clear explanations and real examples will help you master the art of presenting complex information with simple visuals. No more boring spreadsheets or confusing graphs — with this book you'll start impressing your audience and obtain tools for confident data-driven business decisions.

Introduction to Hadoop

To add something new to your arsenal and avoid taking more online courses, dive into the basics of Hadoop, one of the most popular systems for processing big data, with the YouTube lecture series Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners.

Fundamentals of Algorithms and/or Programming

Universal Educational Resource

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is an educational website covering most aspects of web programming. Choose from numerous interactive courses and learn through games, practical exercises, and challenges.

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